Professional Learning Bites

Are you wanting to engage in some short and punchy professional learning these school holidays? I have put together a series of professional learning bites that are worth catching up on across the school holiday break. The series includes a mix of podcasts, presentation recordings and articles on a range of topics related to inclusiveContinue reading “Professional Learning Bites”

Webinar Event

Our next Inclusive Education Cafe event is happening Monday, and we’d love to see you there. Join us for Reimagining Special Education with guest presenter Dr Jenna Mancini Rufo from the USA! Jenna will share with us her experiences of leading the transformation of schools and school districts from special/segregated provisions to inclusive schooling models.Continue reading “Webinar Event”

Inclusive Education Cafe

New Professional Learning Session Now Available! The Language-Friendly Classroom: How can we all be involved? Primary and secondary school students who experience language and literacy difficulties are often highly disadvantaged in the language-rich classroom environment. The impact can be significant: students are often disengaged and disempowered, leading to the development of mental health impacts, aContinue reading “Inclusive Education Cafe”

Inclusive Education Cafe

New Professional Learning Session Now Available! Including Students with Complex Communication Needs Students with complex communication needs cannot meet their daily communication needs using speech alone, and therefore may use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC).  AAC refers to the tools that an individual uses to solve everyday communication strategies, and can include key word sign andContinue reading “Inclusive Education Cafe”

Inclusive Education Cafe (webinar)

The next inclusive education cafe is just around the corner!… Making Substantial and Extensive Curriculum Adjustments Tuesday, August 10 8.00 – 9.00pm Brisbane time (AEST) Virtually via Zoom (access live or receive link to on-demand recording) This Cafe (webinar) will focus on practical demonstrations of making substantial and extensive curriculum adjustments as explored in ChapterContinue reading “Inclusive Education Cafe (webinar)”

Inclusive Education Cafe (Webinar)

The next Inclusive Education Cafe (webinar) is just around the corner… Curriculum Adjustments in Inclusive Classrooms Monday, July 5 4:00 – 5:15pmpm Brisbane time (AEST) Virtually via Zoom (access live or receive link to on-demand recording) This webinar focuses on the concept of planning for and providing curriculum adjustments to enable all students to accessContinue reading “Inclusive Education Cafe (Webinar)”

Updated Link for Inclusive Education Cafe

There was an error with the registration link provided in the previous mail-out regarding the upcoming Inclusive Education Cafe session. The session will occur on May 10th and will cover the practical application of universal design for learning concepts to lesson and assessment design Please use this updated link to access further details and registration:Continue reading “Updated Link for Inclusive Education Cafe”

New Inclusive Education Cafe Event

Inclusive Education Cafe’s (webinars) provide a collaborative and interactive professional learning platform to build teacher knowledge and capability on topics relating to the advancement of inclusive education. Join us for the next Inclusive Education Cafe! Universal Design for Learning in Inclusive Classrooms Thursday, April 15th 4:15 – 5:30pm Brisbane time (AEST) Virtually via Zoom (accessContinue reading “New Inclusive Education Cafe Event”

First Inclusive Education Cafe of 2021

The first Inclusive Education Cafe for 2021 is taking place next week!!! Inclusive Education Cafe’s provide engaging, collaborative, and practical professional learning regarding inclusive education topics of interest from Australian educators. Checkout this feedback from a past participant… Inclusive Education Cafe’s are excellent. So well designed and facilitated, and full of helpful information, resources andContinue reading “First Inclusive Education Cafe of 2021”