School Inclusion provides solutions-focused consultancy services tailored to the needs of education professionals and schools

Loren can work with you to design, lead and implement inclusive education practices.

Loren is experienced at providing inclusive education consultancy to individuals, groups and teams. She draws on 15 years of experience working in school-based and region wide inclusive education leadership positions, and has undertaken formal coaching training. Loren has a strong reputation for possessing comprehensive knowledge and skills relating to inclusive education leadership and implementation, and a unique ability to transform policy, theory and research into achievable and sustainable practice. Loren’s consultancy services have been utilised within large-scale inclusive education projects, across entire schooling districts/regions, and with individual schools and educators. Loren has consulted across both government and non-government systems.

Consultancy services are focused on building capability and/or on responding to challenges of practice in order to increase inclusive opportunities and outcomes for students. Consultancy services can be conducted in relation to broad inclusive school reform and inclusive school reviews, classroom-based practices (including curriculum and pedagogy), or targeted for the particular experiences of cohorts or individual students. Loren can also examine current practice, provide advice and recommendations, and review planning and documentation.

Doctor of Education (EdD) Candidate
Master of Inclusive Education
Bachelor of Education (Primary & Special Education)

Loren is a knowledgeable and skilled educator, consultant, coach, and presenter. She is adept at explaining research, concepts, and approaches in ways that are easy to understand and apply. She is organised, thorough, and adaptable to any audience and context. Loren was a key consultant and invaluable contributor to Purple Orange’s Inclusive School Communities Project, working with South Australian school leaders and educators to advance inclusive education.

– Letitia Rose, Purple Orange – Inclusive School Communities Project