“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” ~ Helen Keller

Inclusive Education Cafe’s provide an opportunity to engage in professional learning centered on grassroots questions and challenges of practices experienced by educators.

The Cafe’s are focused on exploring practical solutions and responses that are underpinned by evidence. They aim is to conceptualise practice in a way that assists with bridging the theory to practice gap.

The Cafe’s are conducted virtually via Zoom. They provide a relaxed atmosphere for participants to contribute, learn and collaborate.

The following structure is used to faciliate the Cafe experience:

  • Welcome – Framing the focus question and challenge of practice
  • Connect – Stimulated reflection with participants in small groups
  • Learn – Exploration of practical strategies and solutions
  • Share – Collaborative discussions to share learning and contextual examples
  • SummaryStimulated whole-group reflection and question time

If you are joining a live Inclusive Education Cafe, please access the protocols below:

Information and access links for upcoming live Cafe sessions are shared via our mailing list. Subscribe via the homepage.

Do you have a question or challenge of practice you would like covered in a future Cafe session? Contact us and let us know!

Recordings from past Cafe’s:

INCLUSIVE EDUCATION: Question and Answer

Pre-submitted questions from the School Inclusion Network for Educators (SINE) tabled for response/discussion from guest presenters

NB: Editing error on slide at beginning of recording – Loren Swancutt Tweets from @sineinclusion


Understanding obligations to consult with students, and how to engage in consultation in a way that is supportive of students with disability

INCLUSIVE CURRICULUM PROVISIONS: Substantial and Extensive Curriculum Adjustments

Making substantial and extensive adjustments to age-equivalent curriculum

INCLUSIVE CURRICULUM PROVISION: Quality Differentiated Teaching Practice & Supplementary Adjustments

Universally designing summative assessment and applying quality differentiated teaching practice and supplementary adjustments

INCLUSIVE CURRICULUM PROVISION: Age-equivalent curriculum clarity

Developing clarity of the curriculum intent for the regular, age-equivalent curriculum

BOOK CLUB LAUNCH: UDL Now! by Katie Novak

Pre-recorded exploration of the SINE Book Club process and text

REMOTE LEARNING: Providing ‘language friendly’ instruction

How can we provide accessible instructional language to support online and print-based learning?


Recommended texts and websites from presentation:

REMOTE LEARNING: Tips for effective and efficient learning design

How can teachers equitably plan and deliver tasks for online and print-based learning simultaneously?

NB: Due to a technical issue, the welcoming and introductory slides were missed from the recording. Participants engaged in breakout sessions throughout, so there are some moments of inaction in the recording whilst participants moved to and established themselves in breakout rooms – please proceed past these moments.


Question and Answer

Below you will find practical responses to past challenges of practice and general questions that were posed by educators themselves. The Inclusive Education Cafe sessions have now replaced the former pre-recorded Q&A format.

What is Loren’s pedagogical framework preference?

In this episode of From Theory to Practice – Question and Answer Loren explores the pedagogical framework that she uses to plan and deliver inclusive lessons.

What are Loren’s top 5 ‘go-to’ strategies in an inclusive lesson?

In this episode of From Theory to Practice – Question and Answer Loren explores 5 strategies that she utilises in just about every inclusive lesson she designs and delivers.

What 5 items are commonly found in Loren’s teaching box?

In this episode of From Theory to Practice – Question and Answer Loren explores 5 items that are commonly used within her inclusive lessons and classroom.

What apps are useful in an inclusive classroom?

In this episode of From Theory to Practice – Question and Answer Loren explores apps that are useful for lesson delivery in an inclusive classroom.