Examples of Inclusive Curriculum Design

“Providing equitable opportunity to unlock infinite potential” – Loren Swancutt

Below are examples of inclusive curriculum design. The examples highlight how universal design for learning principles, quality differentiated teaching practice, and supplementary, substantial and extensive curriculum adjustments can be applied to the regular curriculum to ensure equitable participation and learning opportunity for all.

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Loren provides professional learning focused on building teacher capability to design inclusive curriculum. This involves systematic processes regarding the identification of the construct relevant goals of the curriculum, planning for flexible means of instruction and assessment, and aligning supplementary, substantial and extensive curriculum adjustments. Loren can also provide demonstration of how to effectively and efficiently incorporate all of these aspects into inclusive lessons where all students access and participate in learning together.

If you would like to engage in professional learning regarding the design and implementation of inclusive curriculum, check out the Services page here, or send Loren an email at: admin@school-inclusion.com