Before anything else, preparation is the key to success ~ Alexander Graham Bell

Below you will find behind-the-scenes examples of pedagogy, practice, action, collaboration, and professional learning that supports the advancement of inclusive schooling.

Loren has captured these vignettes of experience through collaboration with educators and colleagues from right across Australia.

Professional Development: Whole School Approach to Support Student Learning

Loren created and co-delivered a full day professional development on a Whole School Approach to Support Student Learning. Throughout the day Principals, Class Teachers, Speech Language Pathologists and Advisory Teachers engaged in learning and collaboration around a multi tiered system of support, effective use of support services, utilising an inquiry cycle to respond to problems of practice, and planning inclusive learning experiences..

Community of Practice: Inclusive School Communities

Loren is currently consulting with a project coordinated by JFA Purple Orange in South Australia. The project brings together schools in a Community of Practice centered on inclusive school reform. Loren delivered professional learning to the group on shared beliefs and understandings about inclusive education, what inclusive schooling looks like in practice, and how it can be achieved through scalable and sustainable implementation. Loren’s consultation with the group continues through delivery of professional learning, coaching, and representation on the steering committee.


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