This week the Disability Royal Commission conducted its second hearing into education.

The hearing explored the barriers experienced by students with disability in accessing a safe, quality and inclusive school education. It also considered the resulting life course impacts on students and families when barriers prevent equitable schooling experience. The hearing heard testimony from students, parents, advocacy groups, organisations, academics, and education department representatives.

Focus topics included:

– The impact of absences, suspensions, exclusions and expolsions

– The re-engagement of students when they have experienced suspensions, exclusions and expolsions

– The provision of adjustments and supports, and the barriers to making and receiving reasonable adjustments

– Individualised planning

– Use of restrictive practices

– Teacher training and qualification requirements

– The resulting impacts on life course and mental health of students who have experienced barriers, including the transition to higher education and employment.

Official information about the hearings, and recordings of past and current hearings can be accessed via the Disability Royal Commission website:

Twitter is also a great place to hear reflections and comments regarding hearing testimonies. Follow the hashtag #DisabilityRC. The School Inclusion Network for Educators (SINE) have a Twitter presence, and has been contributing to the commentary. Follow us @sineinclusion