Coming off the back of a tumultuous Term 2, Term 3 is now in full swing for most states, or nearing its start in others.

Check out the information below to catch up on what’s been happening at the Network, and what’s to come.

Collaboration with the Inclusive School Communities Project

The start of Term 3 has signalled the end of a series of 6 webinars that Loren hosted in collaboration with JFA Purple Orange and their Inclusive School Communities Project. The webinars covered topics relating to curriculum adjustments for students with disability, and engaging in data analysis and cycles of inquiry to monitor the advancement of inclusive schooling practices.

The webinars were recorded and will be made available on the project website in the near future:

In addition, Loren is currently working on associated Q&A responses to accompany the recorded webinars, and is producing 2 tools which will be added to the Inclusive School Practices Toolkit on the site.

Inclusive Education Cafe

The first cafe for Term 3 is happening Wednesday next week at 3.45-5.15 AEST.

Following the results of a survey that gave SINE members an opportunity to select preferred topics, the 3 sessions this Term will focus on curriculum adjustments:

Session 1: Age-equivalent Curriculum Clarity
Session 2: Applying QDTP and Supplementary Curriculum Adjustments
Session 3: Applying Substantial and Extensive Curriculum Adjustments

Units of study from Year 7 Science and Year 4 English will inform the professional learning and tasks across all sessions.

Participants will engage in demonstration of the curriculum clarity and alignment process, and will be given opportunity to practice the skills in collaborative breakout groups.

Links to all Cafe sessions will be available in the SINE Network Facebook group.

Recordings and resources from all sessions can be found here:

Sequences of Achievement

Loren is in the process of creating sequences of achievement that support inclusive curriculum provision.

The sequences support teachers to make decisions about associated curriculum content and complexity across the strands and sub-strands of learning areas to ensure that all students can access age-equivalent content. This supports the curriculum clarity process associated with making substantial curriculum adjustments.

Sequences of achievement for Mathematics and Science are currently available, and English and History are in the final stages of development and will be added soon.

You can find the sequences of achievement here:

Disability Standards for Education Review

The Disability Standards for Education (DSE) are undergoing review.

“The Standards help to make sure students with disability can access and participate in education and training on the same basis as students without disability. This supports people with disability to be able to participate fully in society and have more opportunities throughout their life.”

We encourage all inclusive educators to contribute to the consultation process. This is an opportunity to influence the strengthening of the DSE to better reflect the human right to inclusive education as outlined in the UNCRPD.

Head to the website for more information:

SINE Book Club

We are halfway through our recent book club text – UDL Now! By Katie Novak.

We are enjoying the exploration of this great text, and engaging with a wealth of additional/supporting resources with each chapter.

SINE members are following along within the Facebook group, and are sharing their reflections on the content.

It’s never too late to join, just jump on the associated posts in the Facebook group.

If you’d like to get in touch, head to the contacts page of the School Inclusion – From Theory to Practice website: