Busy behind the scenes…

Things have been a little quiet on the website and blog, so wanted to give you an update on what has been going on behind the scenes…

The SINE Network has been engaging in a Book Club with Inclusive Education for the 21st Century. This has involved the reading of 2 chapters per week, with follow up discussion posts. We are up to the final 4 chapters, and look forward to announcing the new book for Term 2.

I presented at the recent Illume Learning – Australian Inclusive Schooling Conference held in Brisbane. Although not able to attend in person, I presented on Making Supplementary, Substantial and Extensive Adjustments via Zoom video conference. The room was full, with some people sitting on the floor in order to attend my presentation. It was also an honor to have Dr Paula Kluth in the audience!

There is some new content that has been added to the website: Q&A video on my pedagogical framework preference, and the addition of a contextualised Matrix of Adjustments (examples of practices across the NCCD levels of adjustment).

I have been continuing my collaboration with the Inclusive School Communities project managed by JFA Purple Orange in South Australia. The project engages 12 schools in a community of practice that is focused on advancing inclusive education in each of the school sites. I continue to provide professional learning and coaching (including recent Zoom sessions as a result of COVID-19). We are now in the process of designing a series of professional learning webinars.

As many are aware, I commenced by Doctorate of Education (EdD) at QUT at the start of the year. I continue to engage with my studies part time, whilst maintaining full time employment at school (crazy I know!). I am enjoying the exploration phase of my studies, and I am in the process of refining my research design – topic, questions, methodology and theoretical perspectives. The focus of my research is: Conceptualising curricular inclusion for students with complex learning profiles in secondary school classrooms.

I look forward to producing new content within the SINE Network and on the website across Term 2! I will keep you updated on the blog and via social media posts.

Well wishes in these unprecedented times…

What a year 2020 is turning out to be!…from natural disasters to COVID-19, our resilience sure is being tested.

Such events have resulted in us being faced with uncertain times and situations that continue to impact on our lifestyles, our livelihood, and our safety and security. The effects are ongoing, and for many will be long lasting. I hope that you and your loved ones are faring well, and are leaning on supports that are available to you.

I would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge people with disability through these challenging times – including our students. I am aware that such events result in increased hardship and denial of access to important services – things that could be avoided if governments and societies in general genuinely addressed abelism and discrimination. I empathise with you, and will continue to advocate for your human rights.

Best wishes