SINE is a national Network  for education professionals seeking to ensure that they support diverse learners in their classrooms and schools by delivering education services in ways that uphold the principles of inclusive education – both as an educational practice and a human right.

The Network provides a closed Facebook group where educators can connect, collaborate and support one another to initiate, develop and strengthen inclusive educational practices within their school communities and their broader education systems.

Featured content from this fortnight:

  • Network discussion about using Expressive Writing, Corrective Reading and Spelling Mastery in secondary settings. Dr Robert Jackson provided some insight via a recent research project he has co-authored on the impact of these programs.
  • Sharing of new technology and productsSMART Cane and Brail Uno Cards
  • 💥NEW MOOC from QUTINCLUSIVE EDUCATION: Essential knowledge for success
  • Changes to the way South Australian public schools access funding for students with disability
  • Reflective questions for inclusive educators:
  • 📚 BOOK UPDATE: The cover design is out!…and a pre-order link is now available for ‘Inclusive Education for the 21st Century: Theory, Policy and Practice’ edited by Professor Linda Graham

If you are an Australian educator who is committed to inclusive education, we’d love for you join the SINE Network!