SINE_LogoWhat is the School Inclusion Network for Educators (SINE)?

SINE is an initiative of All Means All – The Australian Alliance for Inclusive Education.  It is a national Network  for education professionals seeking to ensure that they support diverse learners in their classrooms and schools by delivering education services in ways that uphold the principles of inclusive education as an educational practice and a human right.

In line with the values and purpose of All Means All, SINE seeks to connect educators who believe that all students, including students with disability, have the right to a quality inclusive education in the general education environment, alongside peers in the relevant age group, all day and every day, accessing the core curriculum and participating fully as valued members of their school community.

SINE is led by Loren Swancutt as the Network’s National Convenor who guides the focus of the Network, facilitates the provisions of quality information and resources, encourages constructive engagement, and provides valuable insights to the Board of All Means All to assist in informing its work.

SINE strives to fill a much needed space around professional support and collaboration for educators seeking to initiate, develop, and strengthen inclusive educational practices within their school communities and their broader education systems.

By becoming a member of SINE’s national Network you can be part of our inclusive education community, connect with other educators, and join us in promoting inclusive education for ALL!

SINE has a closed, social media platform on Facebook, with supporting resources also available via the All Means All website.

Benefits of joining SINE

SINE members may access the following benefits:

  • being part of a regular professional forum centered on collaboration;
  • access to information, resources, tips and ideas to support school inclusion;
  • sharing of experiences and insights into best practice, policy, and programs relating to inclusive education; and
  • a safe space to pose questions, and engage in respectful discussions.

[Cover photo © Ian Schneider]